Shore Thing Love

By Lucia Ceydeli

The beauty I see is the sun, sand and the blue green sea

The pretty calming view is picturesque

It’s picture perfect to me

Just like the images you would see in a Coastal Living magazine

A great escape that’s well worth it

I’m smelling the salty air, feeling the sand between my toes

And hearing the sound of the waves is the place I long to go

The place I crave is a vacation to a beautiful beach destination

I sit staring at the screen daydreaming about taking a trip to the shore

So no pretending anymore

Whether travelling alone or with family and friends

I’m booking that trip for

One week, one day, or a weekend

Here it goes

Pressing the button go, send, submit or okay

It’s a Shore Thing my happy place is just one click away

And from what I love and know for sure

A trip to the beach is where I find fulfillment and joy galore.