Panama City Beach: Beach Flags

It’s always wise and important to know the basic safety rules when visiting the beach. Knowing the rules and following safety precautions will help keep you and your family safe. Most beaches have signs posted on or before you enter the beach and have a beach flag warning system that lets beachgoers know the beach hazards and conditions. Rip currents are dangerous and one should stay out of the water when present and know what to do if caught in a rip current. But there are other additional warning signs to be aware of when at the beach. Such as, most beaches warn beachgoers of dangerous marine life or harmful algae conditions. If signs are not present visit the states or local visitor centers or their websites to learn more about beach safety signs, rules, and tips. If visiting Florida click on this link to learn five Beach Safety Tips: So, know and follow the safety rules of the beaches you visit. The image above is the Beach Flag Warning System for the City of Panama City Beach, FL. For further Panama City Beach beach condition information visit, Have fun and Beach Safe and follow the safety rules to enjoy the sand and sea!