7 Beach Items You Could Rent Instead of Carrying with You

What can be compared with a vacation at the beach? Whether you want relaxation or lots of fun and activities, beach life is welcoming to all tastes and needs. To make the best out of your beach vacation, especially if you have to travel to get there, renting out beach items is the best way to skip the hassle of transporting all that stuff with you.

Here are 7 categories of items you can rent instead of bringing them from home.

  1. Beach Chairs, Tents and Umbrellas
    Since you chose a vacation at the beach, might as well make your lounging as comfortable as possible and enjoy the sand and the sea to the max. You can rent out comfortable beach chairs and lounges and umbrellas to keep you shaded. For families with kids, a beach tent is ideal to keep the little ones protected from UV rays.
  2. Coolers and Beach Wagons
    If you want to have refreshing drinks and snacks with you at the beach, a cooler or a beach wagon can be extremely useful. You can rent a cooler and bring your favorite food and drinks when at the beach.
  3. Portable Fans
    Renting a portable fan can bring extra comfort. They are silent, easy to carry and provide a cooling airflow that will feel like a bliss in the warmest parts of the day.
  4. Portable Metal Detector
    Do you want to see what treasures might be hidden in the sand? Rent a portable metal detector for those long beach walks and see what you can find. These souvenirs are surely unique and treasure hunting will get the kids super excited each time.
  5. An Extra Bed
    When you travel with kids or you are in a large group, an extra bed can be extremely useful. Renting out an inflatable bed with a built-in air pump is easy to get to your hotel and gives you all the extra space you need to sleep and nap comfortably during your stay.
  6. Toys and Beach Games
    Spending your time at the beach can be fun and active if you have beach games to play. Rent bocce balls, corn hole games, tennis rackets and more to keep the whole group entertained for hours during your beach time.
  7. Extra Special Items
    If you’re traveling during the winter holidays, you can feel right at home by renting a faux Christmas tree with all the trimmings. This way, you won’t have to skip your family traditions. With these things covered by a local company like Shore Thing, your worries will only be related to what cocktail to sip while lounging on the beach or where to eat your next delicious meal