Beauty and the Beach; Panama City Beach

By Lucia Ceydeli

Panama City Beach

When I first visited the Emerald Coast, the beauty of the area and the beaches struck me. The pristine beaches, sugary white sand, and emerald waters surprised me. One word materialized: beautiful! My amazement at Northwest Florida’s beaches’ beauty induced happiness. Consequently, I knew I wanted this to be my home someday. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as “the quality or aggregate of qualities on a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind and sport.”

Sunset at the Beach

When I imagine something beautiful, I picture Panama City Beach and the beaches of Northwest Florida. Beautiful: white sand, emerald water, quiet, many fun activities, for everyone, and friendly faces. The beaches are welcoming, and as you enter Bay County, a sign reads, “Home of the Most Beautiful Beaches!”

People travel from everywhere to visit Northwest Florida’s pristine beaches. Why is it considered to have the most beautiful beaches, and do our beaches fit the stated definition? I think you know the answer! I may be biased, but review the data: annually, thousands of visitors vacation at our beautiful beaches to enjoy the fine things our area offers.

However, first, let’s examine the definitions of beauty and see why our beaches are the most beautiful worldwide. The definition lists quality as factor when considering someone or something beautiful. Panama City Beach and the Northwest Florida’s beaches’ quality is excellent , exquisite, and superior. First-time visitors are amazed by the beaches’ quality: clean, clear water; perfectly white, powdery sand; and friendly people. These heavenly beaches leave a long-lasting impression on visitors who return or hope someday to live there.

The definition also states that beauty is the “thing that gives pleasure to the senses, mind, and spirit.” It is my pleasure to say that our beach has beauty! The countless people who vacation here prove this. A vacation is an escape to relax and enjoy life. Whether it’s a solo trip or with family or friends, Panama City Beach and Northwest Florida is among people’s favorite vacation places to enjoy the beach’s beauty!

Panama City Beach and Northwest Florida’s beaches are beautiful; that’s a “shore” thing! Next time you’re asked to define beauty, say “Panama City Beach and the Northwest Florida beaches!” Indeed, Panama City Beach and Northwest Florida is home to the most beautiful beaches!